Comfort in Chaos

I’ve always had a problem with the stuff the Secret and other such books preach. There is a little science behind positive thoughts and health, but not as much as people like to think, and there’s also near nothing on the other stuff. The kind of things taught in those books can help one in magic(k) though, as it teaches you about directing your will.

The Druid's Well

Chaos_arrowWhen my ex and I first got together, The Secret had just come out. He was already a big fan of What the Bleep Do We Know, and I had never been exposed to the slick marketing of the New Age publishing machine.  I would like to think that my critical thinking skills would not have been so easily overcome, but the combination of glossy visuals and a desire to please a new partner overwhelmed my rational brain fairly quickly. And, if I’m totally honest, the fact that I already had practice in spell craft (a form of targeted manifestation) also made me easy prey for this particular mode of thinking.

The idea that one can manifest one’s own reality is quite seductive. It provides the oft-craved illusion of control. Life feels so unpredictable, and the promise of being able to create every desire is balm in the wound of uncertainty.

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2 thoughts on “Comfort in Chaos

    1. It’s one of things you can’t put all of your trust in, but at the same time can’t discount entirely. Which means that most people do one of those things, because why let something be complicated when you can polarize?

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