Hey all, I wanted to update that I’m mostly stopping using Gloriana Spirits right now. There’s a possibility of another blog that will deal more with spiritual stuff and medical stuff, but right now I am dedicated to my writing. You can find my author page on LuqueSpinner.wordpress.com and the main set of stories I’m working on right now, the Driver universe, can be found at driververse.wordpress.com, driververse.tumblr.com, and patreon.com/driververse.

Thanks, hope everyone is doing alright.


I tumbl into Pop Culture Paganism

I’ve been pushed by Certain People into creating a tumblr blog for Them.

I also wrote a comparison between Lokis, and how I feel the Loki that Marvel comics portrays is a different spirit than Loki the Norse God, that you can find here.

You can find the list of Pop Culture spirits I work with or have regular contact with here.

I’ll be moving some of my Pop Culture posts over there as well, like the John post.